Sip: a color picker refreshingly simple indeed

I’ve just discovered Sip, a color picker app for Mac users. “Just discovered” since it’s been around for a while. I’ve seen reviews of the app older than a year, but eh, you can’t be on top of everything, can you.

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Perch – the CMS that does not pollute your web design workflow

I have recently finished a project based on Perch, the clever ‘little’ CMS created by, a web development company located in Bristol run by Rachel Andrew and Drew McLellan.

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Responsive video code snippet

More of a reminder than a pure detailed blogpost, this code snippet will be my go-to resource when I embed videos in a project, and obviously want them to be responsive and well behaved whatever the size of the terminal.


Project Naphta: a nifty extension to play with text embedded in images

We’ve all been there. You want to select a good chunk of text on a website, only to realise you can’t since the text has been embedded. Cry no more, here’s naphta to the rescue.


Free photos for your web design projects

Nothing beats using a real professional photographer when working on a cool project. You can be the best designer/dev in the world, if the pictures you have available look crap, there’s little chance your website will look at its best.

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