Make Google Charts responsive

A quick blog post on how to make Google Charts play nicely in responsive mode. Nothing close to rocket science but still useful. For those who don’t know, Google Charts is a visualization tool, a gallery of interactive charts and data tools that you can integrate into your website. You provide data through php, json […]


Codekit 2 : even more steroids for us web developers

I was on holiday when Bryan released the new version of Codekit and never had the chance to to check out the full features of the newly released application. But I have to admit I really liked the looks of the new website (designed by – I believe – agenericguy) and I could not wait […]

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Open terminal from folder in finder

A quick one nudged my way by Adrien Joly this morning. You can now open a terminal window from a selected folder using Finder on Mavericks.

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A look back at Wordcamp Paris 2014

I went to Wordcamp Paris last week. The event was held On Friday 17th January at MAS Paris and Saturday 18th at Sup’Internet, and organised by WordPress Francophone. Having joined a so-called Paris WordPress Developer Meetup group a while ago, and failed to see even one drinking session within the community, I was slightly dubitative […]

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Gruntjs Boilerplate: my dummy-proof step-by-step guide

Right so I’ve made the leap. After quite a ride, and some cool adventures with Codekit, I’ve decided to switch to Grunt. I had made the plan way before it became the hot topic of the month, before being relegated to second best to Gulp… lol, you’ve got to love this ever-changing technology and probably […]

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