Spice up your ‘About’ page with a jQuery Zoom effect on your Staff presentation

Ok, so you don’t know much about jQuery, and are already thinking ‘Here we go again, another jQuery tutorial I’m going to get lost in’. Well, do not worry my friends, if there was a jQuery donkey kingdom, I wouldn’t be too far from the throne, as my jQuery experience is as extended as it […]

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Create a more human-friendly ‘About’ page to convert more leads

I guess everybody has his/her own way of scanning through a newly-found website. Some people might focus on the services, the portfolio, the prices, the product range….etc However, one thing all of us do certainly have in common is our interest in the company/shop/service provider’s reputation and basic information.  

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Use your kids’ toys to personalize your graphic designs

Browsing through Google images or the hundreds of stock photography agencies available on the web is something that has become more than a pre-requisite when you carry out (from scratch) any graphic design. This is why posts presenting the latest and hopefully most innovative series of button, social media icons or other graphic arts are […]

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Create realistic shadows in Photoshop

As a shady character myself, I could not find any better starting point than bringing up the subject of shadows, which is in fact, believe it or not (sad… I know), one of my Photoshop favourites when it comes down to adding a bit of style to a picture or hand-made drawing.   There must […]

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