by Flo Preynat

Yet another responsive images blog post – defo the topic of the month for me – with a test drive of Hammy, a nifty little plugin dealing with wordpress-based picture files,… the responsive way of course.

Hammy in a nutshell

Hammy is a mash-up of WPThumb and jQuery Picture providing your wordpress site’s visitors with the most appropriate image, without any additional effort from your side.

The plugin is javascript dependent, and it replaces your image tags with the picture element we have been talking about last week.

As far as you are concerned, you build your posts and pages with your regular content, including large-scale images, and the plugin will regenerate a number of smaller sized images, according to the breakpoints you have set yourself.


Mega simple. You haven’t got to dive into your themes files, .htaccess or learn a specific handshake.

Install the plugin, activate it, specify your image container class (and the ones to ignore) and set the breakpoints (relevant to the container defined previously) in the Hammy settings, and opt in or out for Lazy Load.

You’re done.

Note: breakpoints are relative to your container, as opposed to (presumably what you’re used to) the viewport ones.

More on this in Hammy’s FAQ.


It’s jQuery/Javascript dependent, hence you will fallback to the default image file (as in the big one as opposed to something like Foundation Interchange), if jQuery isn’t available or if your javascript is disabled.

No art direction possible as of today.


Works great. I was quite surprised to see the lack of reviews and interest around this plugin. It is certainly worth a look and test. You can give Zurich-based Noel Tock some love here and contribute to his work there.

My name is Flo Preynat and I am the freelance webdesigner and developer behind shoogle designs. I live in France and specialize in responsive web design. Give me a shoogle or get in touch with me on twitter.

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  1. hello there!

    I’ve been using the picturefill.WP plugin which does what you describe, and has been around a tad longer. Works quite well:

  2. Annette says:

    Hey, thanks for developing this! I’ve been using PicturefillWP, but haven’t been able to use it consistently alongside Advanced Custom Fields templates. Looking forward to installing this one and giving it a go!

  3. Brent says:

    Been looking for something like this for my new blog. I’ll give this one a try. Thanks for the share!