Responsive web design tools: Dimensions

I have been working on responsive web design projects for quite a while now. During the course of my designs, I tend to use a combination of the responsiView chrome extension, Typecast’s great tool, a couple of simulators including the IOS Simulator (if you don’t know where to find it, go there), and some […]

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Update a WordPress database table using Sequel Pro

I’m getting more and more requests from bloggers wanting to move from their blogging platforms to a private wordpress environment they will be able to manage as they wish, especially in terms of advertising.

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Alfred app custom searches: every minute counts

If you’re a designer like I am, even more if web design is your full-time activity, you probably do things over and over on a daily basis, whether looking for files or looking up things on the web. If you are in that case, and haven’t jumped on the Alfred bandwagon YET, then this post […]

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Codekit for Windows has landed and it’s called Prepros

I am a huge fan of Codekit. I don’t have enough words to praise Bryan (who is such a cool guy) and his dev tool, and since I work 95% of my time on Apple, Codekit is AND does all I need as far as my Sass is concerned. But I happen to use windows […]

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Free Codekit-like app for windows Prepros

Color is my torment… no more

Claude Monet used to say: “Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment”. Not that I would want to fool you in a very unfortunate comparison between one of the most known French painters in history and myself, but yes indeed, colors matter to all of us.

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