Not using Sass and Compass: WTF are you waiting for?!

It’s been almost a year I have been using Sass and Compass in my various web projects, and as I look back over this now-established design process, I can only think of the advantages those tools have brought to my daily routine.

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Sass and Compass

‘Sass and Compass for designers’ by Ben Frain

I have just finished reading ‘Sass and Compass for designers’ by Ben Frain… And it’s a cracker. For those who don’t know him, Ben is a front-end web developer and technology writer based in the UK, and author of ‘Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3′.

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Sass and Compass for designers by Ben Frain

Codekit for Windows has landed and it’s called Prepros

I am a huge fan of Codekit. I don’t have enough words to praise Bryan (who is such a cool guy) and his dev tool, and since I work 95% of my time on Apple, Codekit is AND does all I need as far as my Sass is concerned. But I happen to use windows […]

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Free Codekit-like app for windows Prepros

Add a neat little breakpoint snippet to your Sublime

Let’s get Sassy today with this little yet very useful Sublime Text 2 breakpoint snippet hand made by James Nowland and obviously editable as you wish. If, like me, you code a lot of responsive sites, chances are that you work with Sass and end up putting half a million @include breakpoint lines, working your […]


Unleash the power of @each within Sass

I have recently started using Sass and Compass. I know that a lot of people believe you don’t need those two to have a very well structured project, but nevertheless, I personally find Sass’ variables, mixins and nesting very useful and my stylesheets are so much better organized, structured and thought through now I’m using […]

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