shoogle designs v2 launch

Hours of initial thinking-through, litres of sweat, coffee AND beers, a few weeks of enjoyable part time spells of coding, and some heavy testing have finally led to the launch of the new and fully responsive version of


Time to give back with Delhi-based NGO Torch

Giving back has always been very important to me. Ever since I have been old enough to live my life on my own terms. In a world controlled by markets and credit rating agencies, at a time of uncontrollable financial and economic crisis, political non-sense, and ever-growing greed, what better time than now to give […]

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Sometimes I just sit and think, …and sometimes I just sit

Writing my first blog article is something I have been thinking about these last few days, as I was sipping cold and refreshing beers in the garden, sitting (AND thinking) in the warm sun, looking as energetic as a melted piece of cheese (gone bad).   What should my first post be about?  

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