A look back at Wordcamp Paris 2014

I went to Wordcamp Paris last week. The event was held On Friday 17th January at MAS Paris and Saturday 18th at Sup’Internet, and organised by WordPress Francophone. Having joined a so-called Paris WordPress Developer Meetup group a while ago, and failed to see even one drinking session within the community, I was slightly dubitative […]

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Update a WordPress database table using Sequel Pro

I’m getting more and more requests from bloggers wanting to move from their blogging platforms to a private wordpress environment they will be able to manage as they wish, especially in terms of advertising.

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Taking WordPress database migration to another level

We can all agree keeping our development WordPress database in sync with the production is pretty important and neat when it comes to WordPress theme development. And you might already know WP Migrate DB, the cool little plugin that exports your database as a MySQL data dump, does a find and replace on URLs and […]

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Protect your wordpress with Google Authenticator

I’m a big fan of Google’s 2-step Authentication. You read so many stories about people getting their gmail hacked and having tons of problems, from little to huge, you see the real benefit of adding an extra layer of security to what has become an important tool in your life. For those reasons, I decided […]