Foundation 5 has landed

I’ve already talked about Foundation in the past. Out of all the big responsive front-end frameworks out there, Foundation is the one I prefer. Most of it comes down to the fact that the Zurb tool went with Sass (and Compass) which I’ve been using for ever, as opposed to Bootstrap which took the Less […]


Responsive CSS framework: gridism to the test

I’m a big fan of Chris Coyier’s simple grid approach, the now-famous ‘Don’t Overthink it grids’. It’s such a simple concept (I used it to build this very site), yet so powerful as it allows you to get your grid working in no time without having to customize other people’s work.


shoogle designs v2 launch

Hours of initial thinking-through, litres of sweat, coffee AND beers, a few weeks of enjoyable part time spells of coding, and some heavy testing have finally led to the launch of the new and fully responsive version of