Sublime Text 2 customization: a deserved makeover (for geeks only)

A quick and pointless operation (really) which doesn’t bring much to my development workflow nor revolutionize the way I work, but I thought I would give my Sublime Text 2 a bit of a makeover. Since I am happy about the result, I wanted to share it with you. The makeover consists of a theme […]

Category: Code editor

Add a neat little breakpoint snippet to your Sublime

Let’s get Sassy today with this little yet very useful Sublime Text 2 breakpoint snippet hand made by James Nowland and obviously editable as you wish. If, like me, you code a lot of responsive sites, chances are that you work with Sass and end up putting half a million @include breakpoint lines, working your […]


Task management within Sublime Text 2 with PlainTasks

Today, I’d like to talk about a package which I reckon will help a lot of folks keen to keep a hand on their project task management, without having to deal with getting-things-done apps way too complex for their own good.


Sublime Text 2 Tips: Sidebar enhancements and Projects

Back for a new blog post on the text editor of the moment, with a couple of new tips to increase your productivity while working with Sublime Text 2.


Boost your Sublime Text 2 with Zen Coding

The cool thing about Submine Text 2 is you can literally sit all day talk about its many features and plugins. We’ve already talked LiveReload, Edit History, Distraction-free mode, ColorPicker, and Placeholders, and today we’re going to bring out the Karma of Sublime Text 2 by installing (and taking a look at) the Zen Coding […]