Appdays Paris Review

A big up to the Appdays team for the organization of a great event I had the opportunity to attend last Friday, since I went to Appdays’ Mobile App creators’ conference, a first in what looks likely to be a magnificent series. 15 conferences on the subject of mobile app, from design, development to marketing […]

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shoogle designs v2 launch

Hours of initial thinking-through, litres of sweat, coffee AND beers, a few weeks of enjoyable part time spells of coding, and some heavy testing have finally led to the launch of the new and fully responsive version of


Take advantage of Google Authorship

Standing out and creating a unique identity for our business and services is something we all aim to be doing, whether we work, network, or simply blog. Therefore i’m surprised not to see that many google searches returning personnalised result.

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Reminder: Quick and easy way to display tweets on a static website

June 12th 2013 – UPDATE: The method used in this post is no longer valid, Twitter having retired API v1, and rolled out API v1.1 yesterday. Get it sorted out here. In the course of my work of redesign of (see teaser here), I have encountered a peculiar situation in trying to locate a […]

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Protect your wordpress with Google Authenticator

I’m a big fan of Google’s 2-step Authentication. You read so many stories about people getting their gmail hacked and having tons of problems, from little to huge, you see the real benefit of adding an extra layer of security to what has become an important tool in your life. For those reasons, I decided […]