CAPS LOCK weekly #2

A quick recap of the last week’s news, announcements, events or cool links, featuring La Cantine in Paris, a workshop day on mobile app design, and more.

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Sublime Text 2 Tips: Sidebar enhancements and Projects

Back for a new blog post on the text editor of the moment, with a couple of new tips to increase your productivity while working with Sublime Text 2.


CAPS LOCK weekly #1

In an effort to force myself to blog much more than I am currently doing, I have decided to launch a new initiative with a weekly review of the most important bits and bobs I have encountered during the week, things I have read, watched, appreciated, or even disliked, although I will tend to concentrate […]


Boost your Sublime Text 2 with Zen Coding

The cool thing about Submine Text 2 is you can literally sit all day talk about its many features and plugins. We’ve already talked LiveReload, Edit History, Distraction-free mode, ColorPicker, and Placeholders, and today we’re going to bring out the Karma of Sublime Text 2 by installing (and taking a look at) the Zen Coding […]


Use sprites to keep your social media strategy’s options open

Today, we’re gonna talk productivity, …and common sense really, while touching the very popular subject of social media strategy and the way you decide to display your social network entries.