Create a movie intro with basic jQuery effects

There are many examples of people having a go at animations without the use of video editing techniques, or flash on the web. And recreational activities being part of my daily schedule, I decided to challenge myself with a little one of those animation attempts, hoping to be able to recreate the well-known James Bond […]

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Create an elegant Portfolio with jQuery

Portfolios are not only the (supposedly-frequently-updated!) collection of your achievements and skills. They are your best and cheapest salesperson ever. When a customer is looking for a designer, web or other as a matter of fact, he/she is more than likely to check out your work before making an appropriate judgment on your designing skills […]

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Help your visitors focus on the subject with jquery script PageSlide

As already stated during one of my previous posts (Push the minimalist approach one step further by hiding site navigation), I am (like many of you out there) a huge fan of the minimalism concept in web design, being convinced that too much information or content has a tendency to overwhelm our web site visitors […]

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Spice up your Project Team presentation with Retina effect

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”. We can trust Micheal Jordan on this one. Although teamwork can surely become a complex, if not uncontrollable process, when things start going pear-shaped, it is more than often as challenging as rewarding in the end when people’s opinions, expertise, quality and characters are all put […]

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Create a funky 404 page with jQuery plugin jParallax

I have to admit I absolutely love those cool and creative 404 pages some designers do come up with sometimes. Nothing is funkier than getting to a really unexpected and innovative 404 sample following a URL typo.   The problem is there aren’t so many of them around. Ok, you can find loads of posts […]

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