Use jQuery to create an easy-to-browse screencast library

In our daily life, we all tend to cut corners and take shortcuts before realizing we really need to get our act together and become more organized/consistent and hence more efficient. Things aren’t any different with our website organisation.   I remember when I started playing around with HTML, building sites for friends and relatives, […]

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Make your tweets searchable in google calendar

I will dedicate today’s post to something slightly out of the ordinary, as I’m not going to discuss some coding, or other jQuery plugin I have tested lately, but instead spend a few of my un-precious minutes on something which may be very helpful to you.   If you’re (like me) a twitter addict and […]

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Create a personalized scroll-to-top icon

If you are a WordPress user and most likely WordPress lover like me, you are more than likely aware that implementing a scroll-to-top link on your site is just as easy as pie. Just go to the plugin section of your WordPress back end, choose one of the many plugins available (Asvin Balloo’s wp-to-top is […]

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Use Captify to add a slick caption effect to your images

I don’t usually quote other people’s work as the good stuff out there is usually very well known and more importantly very much documented on the web (whether it’s presented in press releases, news or relayed in blog posts).   I’m however going to make an exception with this one, as many of you have […]

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Embed Google maps into your website in no time with jQuery

Location, Location, Location! Today’s blog post is somehow related to yesterday’s news with facebook launching their Places feature but totally unrelated and completely unplanned, as I’m about (and I had had the idea to do so for a while) to show you how to embed Google maps into your websites or blogs in about 5 […]

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