Display a special message to your visitors with an easy-to-code jQuery modal window

We love marking life’s events. It’s what life is all about after all, a series of joyful, sad, dull, or exquisite moments. Business life isn’t any different. From the first customer to the 5-year anniversary of the company, the lives of our beloved businesses are also marked by step stones.   This is why sometimes, […]

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Push the minimalist approach one step further by hiding site navigation

Simple things are most of the time the most appealing ones. It is so true in life, and this happens to be true (this is my opinion anyway) in web design. I often take peeks at minimalist web designs thinking “this web site has got nothing on, yet it looks wicked”.   Now, this post […]

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Create a flying Superhero with a jQuery loop animation

It only takes a peek at the tens of real-life superheroes out there to understand that we are obsessed with books/comics or movie characters possessing extraordinary or superhuman powers. I don’t personally wear a mask or cape at night, I have not asked my friends and family to call me Captain Bolloxia (they do it […]

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Spice up your ‘About’ page with a jQuery Zoom effect on your Staff presentation

Ok, so you don’t know much about jQuery, and are already thinking ‘Here we go again, another jQuery tutorial I’m going to get lost in’. Well, do not worry my friends, if there was a jQuery donkey kingdom, I wouldn’t be too far from the throne, as my jQuery experience is as extended as it […]

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Create a more human-friendly ‘About’ page to convert more leads

I guess everybody has his/her own way of scanning through a newly-found website. Some people might focus on the services, the portfolio, the prices, the product range….etc However, one thing all of us do certainly have in common is our interest in the company/shop/service provider’s reputation and basic information.  

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