Embed your latest tweets on your website the API v1.1 way…or not

July 22nd 2013 – UPDATE: Now also in the blog the OAuth Way. A quick follow up to my “Quick and easy way to display tweets on a static website” blogpost in the wake of the retirement of Twitter’s API v1, as the json method used on that tuto isn’t working anymore.

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Update a WordPress database table using Sequel Pro

I’m getting more and more requests from bloggers wanting to move from their blogging platforms to a private wordpress environment they will be able to manage as they wish, especially in terms of advertising.

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Alfred app custom searches: every minute counts

If you’re a designer like I am, even more if web design is your full-time activity, you probably do things over and over on a daily basis, whether looking for files or looking up things on the web. If you are in that case, and haven’t jumped on the Alfred bandwagon YET, then this post […]

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Not using Sass and Compass: WTF are you waiting for?!

It’s been almost a year I have been using Sass and Compass in my various web projects, and as I look back over this now-established design process, I can only think of the advantages those tools have brought to my daily routine.

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Sass and Compass

‘Sass and Compass for designers’ by Ben Frain

I have just finished reading ‘Sass and Compass for designers’ by Ben Frain… And it’s a cracker. For those who don’t know him, Ben is a front-end web developer and technology writer based in the UK, and author of ‘Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3′.

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Sass and Compass for designers by Ben Frain