Codekit for Windows has landed and it’s called Prepros

I am a huge fan of Codekit. I don’t have enough words to praise Bryan (who is such a cool guy) and his dev tool, and since I work 95% of my time on Apple, Codekit is AND does all I need as far as my Sass is concerned. But I happen to use windows […]

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Free Codekit-like app for windows Prepros

Add a neat little breakpoint snippet to your Sublime

Let’s get Sassy today with this little yet very useful Sublime Text 2 breakpoint snippet hand made by James Nowland and obviously editable as you wish. If, like me, you code a lot of responsive sites, chances are that you work with Sass and end up putting half a million @include breakpoint lines, working your […]


Taking WordPress database migration to another level

We can all agree keeping our development WordPress database in sync with the production is pretty important and neat when it comes to WordPress theme development. And you might already know WP Migrate DB, the cool little plugin that exports your database as a MySQL data dump, does a find and replace on URLs and […]

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Wordpress plugin WP Migrate DB Pro for wp database migration

Welcome to Parisian co-working space La Cantine

A visit of La Cantine in Galerie Montmartre, Paris II had been on my cards for ever. And last week on Friday, I had a meeting in Paris in the middle of the afternoon, and decided to go into town early, and have a chance to sit in La Cantine for most of the day.

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Parisian Co-working space La Cantine (Paris II)

Color is my torment… no more

Claude Monet used to say: “Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment”. Not that I would want to fool you in a very unfortunate comparison between one of the most known French painters in history and myself, but yes indeed, colors matter to all of us.

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